Technology Is Killing Us

We use technology, in one form or another in our everyday lives, but it is the technology that man has created that is killing us. God put everything on the planet that was needed for humans to exist and he also made humans very smart, allowing us to educate ourselves far beyond what is needed in our everyday life.

God did not create our planet full of environmental toxins and yet they are a huge part of our everyday lives. Did you breathe today?? Then you were exposed to toxins. Did you drink water today?? Then you drank toxins. Our bodies were not designed to handle the toxic overload that we are exposed to.

If you don’t drink the toxic water, but instead drink sodas are you any better off?? Did you know that a can of soda can dissolve a nail within 3-4 days?? Can you imagine what sodas are doing to the inside of your body??

What about diet sodas?? Do you think that diet sodas are better for you than the regular sodas?? Did you know that the artificial sweetener, called aspartame, found in diet sodas and other foods was originally invented as an ant killer and that prolonged use can cause neurological disorders?? It’s true!! They found out that they could make more money selling aspartame as a sweetener than as an ant killer. Maybe it’s not the technology that is killing us but the old mighty dollar instead. How does that make you feel?? Your health is at risk so someone else can make more money. Then when you get a health problem, you have to spend even more money at the doctor’s office, which then might include having to take a prescription….which is more toxins added to your already toxic body.

Fluoride is added to our drinking water but too much can be toxic. Mercury is in vaccines, fluorescent light bulbs…etc. and can be toxic as well. All of the chemicals in our environment have been created by man for one reason or anther; whether it is a chemical we clean with, a chemical used to make drugs or some other type of chemical. We are surrounded in our environment with chemicals, most of which can be deadly and illness or disease related. 95% of all illness and diseases is toxin related. Now you know why I stress cleansing the whole body regularly.

A lot of people are trying to “Go Green”, which simply is an environmental friendly way of living, so we don’t further pollute and contaminate our planet that we live in. Going green products are safe for children, pets, plants….and everything in between. Going green means not having pesticides and herbicides on our vegetation.

Did you hear about the pesticide spill that happened in a lake in Florida back in 1980?? There was a huge decrease in the number of male turtles. What they found were a large number of turtles that were neither male nor female. Simply put, the reproduction organs did not form. It was found that the alligators had smaller than normal testes and penises. They also had elevated levels of estrogen and greatly reduced levels of testosterone. Can you imagine what these chemicals are doing to humans?? Think about a person that was born one sex and feels like they are suppose to be the opposite sex…have these same various types of chemicals altered their hormones?? Things that make you say, hummm….

I get that we use and need chemicals to do this, that and the other with but can’t they invent a natural concoction to do the very same job?? A toxic chemical had to be discovered and invented, so why can’t they just discover and invent a natural form to do the same job, that will have the same effect it the performance that it will do but will be environmental friendly??

Technology can be deadly and slowly it is probably killing us all. We need the world to be safe of these toxic chemicals for us all to have better health. Do your part and try to read labels and use more environmentally friendly, “Going Green” type of products both in your house, outside, around your kids and pets. We may not be able to clean the whole world up in our lifetime, but our kids are the future, let’s help make it a safer on