Mobile accessories Their utility and description

Car accessories are nowadays available with advanced technology incorporated in them. Wide array of car kits comprise of Bluetooth car kits, hands free Bluetooth kit, Bluetooth car speaker phone, plug-in-cars hands free, quad lock and lot more. Car accessories are designed with the aim to let users utilize mobile phone even if they are driving car. In this way, these accessories lets user to use mobile phone without any limitations.

These accessories are generally made with supreme quality materials that offer users with great comfort in using the mobile phone while driving a car. From the collection of car accessories, you can pick your desired accessory which suits your requirement and budget.

There are numerous ways in which you can integrate Bluetooth in a device or accessory. Amongst the most sought after Bluetooth devices are Bluetooth car kits.

Bluetooth car kit provides nice mobile phone experience. This accessory incorporates Bluetooth technology. The car kit will automatically sync with your Bluetooth mobile phone. This accessory truly offers feature packed performance that can suit your busy lifestyle and can still provide you with brilliant hands free technology for your car.

This accessory comprises of speaker phone or headset so that you can hold the steering wheel of car and simultaneously can watch the road. This accessory proves very useful for those who need to travel a lot and at the same time require attending calls as well. Hands free Bluetooth car kit generally comes in two forms. An integrated kit which can be connected into the stereo system of vehicle and also offer several useful features.

Car holder makes it simple for users to drive their car along with listening to the music from their mobile phone. This accessory proves very useful when you want to use your mobile phone while driving. Mobile mart is full of car holders of different hues, styles and designs. Also if you are budget-conscious, you can go for car holders priced at affordable rates and can satiate your need.

For getting more information regarding car holder, Bluetooth car kit and car accessories, internet is the best place to get all the required details regarding these accessories.

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The Threat to Privacy by GSM Technology

The technology used in mobile phones is increasingly finding its way into eavesdropping devices. The use of bugs based on mobile phone technology (GSM) allows spies to monitor private conversations from anywhere in the world.

What is GSM?

GSM (Global System for Mobile) communications is an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services. In very simple terms, GSM technology works by searching GSM networks to find nearby mobile phone masts to transfer voice, data and SMS between mobile phones.

GSM technology was originally created in 1982 by the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), who designed the Groupe Spcial Mobile (GSM) with the aim of creating a pan-European mobile phone technology.

Thanks to GSM’s international roaming capabilities, it is now the most widely used mobile phone technology. According to the GSMA (the GSM Association), terrestrial GSM networks now cover more than 80% of the world’s population. That’s more than 6 billion people across more than 218 countries.

The GSM bugging threat

With the advantages brought by the wide coverage GSM technology offers, comes a growing threat to privacy. The same GSM technology used to service mobile phones is also used in the world of covert surveillance and spying to eavesdrop on private conversations from anywhere in the world.

This is possible through using GSM audio bugging devices that use specially adapted mobile phone technology to listen in and transmit conversations taking place in one location to another. These devices work in the same way as mobile phones and can be used anywhere you can use a mobile phone.

Once hidden in the target location, the GSM bug waits silently in standby mode until the eavesdropper calls the SIM card number being used in the device. At this time the call is silently answered and the microphone activated, allowing the caller to listen in to conversations taking place in the nearby vicinity. When the conversation has ended the bug is then switched back to standby (passive) mode. Other more advanced devices have the facility for sound, vibration and motion activation whilst others can be manually or remotely set by SMS commands.

These bugging devices are small and discreet and are normally concealed within innocent looking items that are frequently found around the home or office. Because they use GSM technology they can even pick up audio whilst on the move, just like mobile phones, so are not limited to static locations. This makes them ideal for picking up conversations in cars, or they can even be slipped inside a pocket or handbag to ensure a target is constantly monitored wherever they are.

How to spot GSM bugging devices?

Not only are GSM devices getting smaller and more sophisticated, making them hard to detect, but their signals are often lost amongst legitimate GSM and mobile phone communications. This is a particular problem when being operated in urban areas, which where most eavesdropping targets tend to be located.

It is for this reason that using professional counter surveillance services is the only practical option for effectively detecting and dealing with these bugs. Counter surveillance specialists have the training, experience and equipment needed to detect, locate and deal with the presence of GSM bugs. In particular, these experts are able to find both active and passive GSM bugs in order to provide a 100% secure environment.