The research of Alexander Golod

The New World Wonder you can admire in Russia now! A huge Pyramid that combines the mystery of ancient legends with modern technologies and scientific achievements is opening its doors for excursions soon.

The forty four meter high Pyramid near Moscow is built without using any metal. It is made of fiberglass constructions.

Twenty years of research and experiments have allowed a group of scientists led by Alexander Golod to determine specific shape, size, and material of a pyramid, with which the influence of pyramid on the surrounding environment is most beneficial and harmonious.

Driving 20 kilometers from Moscow Ring Road you will get to the 38th kilometer of Moscow-Riga highway – the place where this unique architectural building was raised. Hundred thousands of people including famous actors, singers, sculptors, majors and presidents have already been to the biggest Russian Pyramid. This Pyramid was built and is researched by scientists under Alexander Golod’s supervision.

The monks from Japan, Korea and Tibet got interested in the Russian Pyramid, they consider it to be the ideal place, meaning the space inside and around it. Their ideas are confirmed by scientific researches made in institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. All the researches showed positive influence on ecology and human health while visiting the Pyramid or using products, crystals, solutions and objects prepared there.

Such pyramid was named The Golden Section Pyramid. The golden section is one of the main principles in architecture, painting, and science. Masterpieces of architecture and art, the Nature itself and the pinnacle of its creation – human being, are created by this exact proportion. For the past 15 years more than 50 Golden Section Pyramids have been built.

The highest pyramid of 44 meters was built in 1999. The process of preparation of the area for pyramid construction took more than 5 years. The Pyramid is made of non-conductive materials without a single metal element. The ABO (Adaptation of Biological Objects) technology, developed during the construction process of the pyramid, allows to use energy of the 44-meter pyramid at any time, any place with the convenience of pyramid matrices, mini-pyramids, pyramid crystals and pyramid water.

The potency of pharmaceuticals increased with decreasing side effects.
There is an increase in survival of cellular tissue infected by viruses and bacteria. The pyramids decrease the strength of various viruses and bacteria.
When radioactive waste is placed inside the pyramids, there is a decrease in their level of radioactivity.
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